Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BillabongTriple Crown of Surf Pipe Masters

Surf was 8-12 feet at Pipeline, so off we headed to watch the last event in the Triple Crown Surf Competition.
While Boe and Finn scoped out a parking spot, K did some shaka posing.


Spectators keeping their distance from Pipeline's dangerous shorebreak.

Finn was clearly more interested in sand treasures.

K and Finn making friends.  Little did the new friend's mom know that once she gave Finn a Dorito, he would not leave her alone for the remainder of our stay.

K ran into one of her long lost friends from Laie.

Totally unaware of the sand they were kicking up onto the people around us.
Zoom in...there is a surfer on the wave...I promise...
(we really weren't that far away, the picture is deceiving)

The end...yes, I know my dress is totally off for a surfing competition, but at 34 weeks pregnant,  I tend to go for comfort).

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