Saturday, October 31, 2009


If children could get drunk off candy, this is what they'd look like. Notice the smeared face paint and glossy neck from haphazardly consuming anything wrapped in a bright package.Two princesses... I guess with Aunt Rachel that makes three. I was busy handing all of her candy we had just acquired out to late trick-or-treaters. Meanwhile, she was making a deal with Dracula. Good thing Dracula wasn't up for a fight because Snow White was going through withdrawal (she hadn't had candy for about three minutes). Finally she left and Dracula had all of the candy to himself...-ah!-ah!-ah!

Monday, October 12, 2009

This is the sunset at sunset beach. Pretty beautiful place.
This is the temple in Laie. They are doing some renovations so there are scaffolds up.

This is Kaneohe beach. My company had a party last week on the island you can see. It was pretty cool.

This is Pali Lookout. It is up next to the top of the mountains. This is looking down on the windward side of the island. Honolulu is on the other side.
Here is another picture from Pali Lookout. The wind really blows up there.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kahuku CACTF job

Here is a picture of part of the jobsite where we will be building the Combined Arms Collective Training Facility. As you can see, it is pretty thick. Lots of dense trees and undergrowth. It's on the north shore of the island. You can see the ocean in one of the pictures below.
Batch plant for mixing concrete on site. We are so far away from concrete mixing yards that we had to set up a batch plant on site. We have two concrete trucks on site. This plant adds the right quantities of aggregate, cement and water.

Here is a look at our storage/lay-down yard up there. We cleared this area and put down a good layer of rock. One thing about this area is it rains a ton. We need a good clear area that is rocked for storage of materials and equipment.

Here you get a pretty good look of the surrounding area. This is actually a helicopter landing site that the military maintains. This is an active training area, so if anyone is injured they are taken to this clearing where they can be air-lifted to a hospital. As you can see, it is the only clear area around.