Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Memories and garbage

So remember that one time when I used to take pictures and post them on my blog? Well, things have changed due to an overly obedient child. Around December-ish, Boe and I decided to teach Kenzie how to throw her oh-so-stinky diapers in the trash. Well, she happened to master the art and we were pleased with the new trick we taught our pet. A couple of weeks later I was faithfully taking pictures with the camera to be uploaded to our blog when I became distracted by something important on tv (an expensive mistake as you soon will see). I remember hearing a thunk in the kitchen, laughing to Boe that I thought Kenzie had just thrown the camera away, and then, absentmindedly continuing with the tv distraction, assuming if I didn't retrieve it, surely Boe would. Problem is, he claims to have never heard me. You know what they say about assuming? Long story short, the ever faithful trash truck came and carried our digital card of memories away from our lives forever. Now our problem is agreeing on a camera to purchase or if to purchase a camera at all (Kenz will learn her lesson when she is old enough to realize that a portion of her life was not recorded because of her...well I guess that is my fault). Anyways, as I write way too much for school, I am not keen on the idea of spending more time on the computer than is absolutely GPA-necessary, especially if pictures are not available to take up most of the blog space.
In conclusion (again, I write a lot of papers for school and format has become ingrained), sorry to all family and friends who have been disappointed by my lack of posting. I feel an end to the disappearance is near. Keep posted.