Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birthday girl-Five!!!

Our sometimes sweet baby girl is five! She is going through a Jessie the Cowgirl phase, hence the boots and other Jessie paraphernalia.
We love her sometimes pleasant demeanor and occasional displays of being a helpful big sister. She loves to draw and always burns through the pink crayons first (if Finn doesn't first chew them to smithereens).
Other mentionables:
She is learning to dance hula, would be at the pool every day if we let her, fav song is Katy Perry's 'Firework', loves Korean-flavored seaweed.
Happy Birthday KK!


Becka said...

I can't believe she's five already! And I love all the cowgirl garb, sweeeeet! Are you guys coming home for Christmas?

kadeandmaddie said...

Can't believe that she is 5! Emma is loving Woody right now. Its her current Halloween costume.

Lindsey said...

Happy birthday to M! :) Glad she had a fun the pics and your whole blog, as always.