Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finn: Year One

My Finn is one! I love this boy with all of my heart! His wispy hair and dimple chin get me every time I look at his sweet little face. We feel so blessed to have a mild-tempered child in our home to help even things out (you know what I mean). Some things about our Finn:
He loves to eat rocks and crayons
He likes to stick his finger in his Daddy's ear
He loves, loves, loves his sister, despite her brutality
He likes books, especially the kind that taste good
He likes you to belive he doesn't like the water, but in reality he just like to make a slow, calculated entrance (just like his mom)
He prefers pb&j's to cupcakes
His hair truly is like a dandelion, so wispy and free-flowing
Ice water makes him giggle
Happy Year One Mr. Finn!