Sunday, April 29, 2012

Capitol District Downtown Honolulu


K outside Iolani Palace

KK taking a regal stroll at Iolani Palace


The Iolani Palace gate seal.

Aliiolani Hale with King Kamehameha Statue

Across the street from Aliiolani Hale.  I love how Finn is pointing in the same direction as King Kamehameha in the background.

'The Tubers'-Capitol District Downtown Honolulu

At a park just south of the State Capitol.  These are known as ‘The Tubers’.

KG liberty bell replica Hawaii State Capitol

An exact replica of the Liberty Bell on the State Capitol grounds.

State Capitol-K with Princess Lilioukalani statue

Statue of Queen Liliuokalani-State Capitol.  She was the last monarch and only queen regnant of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

K Hawaii Art Museum

Hawaii State Art Museum

Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 Easter

After church, we made a stop to the Wahiawa Botanical Gardens for some quick Easter pics. KK was sure to slather (and re-slather) on a generous amount of her new glitter princess lip gloss for EACH picture.
(The boy looks a little out of it in most of the pics as we had to so rudely interrupt his slumbers during each shoot)

Trolley ride on Easter Eve after some tasty shave ice. I wish we were riding it to somewhere nostalgic, but our destination was Home Depot.
Wahiawa Easter Festival.
Train ride.
Spinny ride with Dad.
Spinny ride with Mom.
Spinny ride with Finn...that would have been a cool picture.
Getting an Easter Bunny painted on her arm. No, she is not it pain.
The E.B. showing some love.
Hunting. Yes, they are hunting on Hawaii.