Monday, April 20, 2009

What the Disneyland?!?

I think I am in the Twilight Zone. I'm not quite sure what day it is. Last I remember, I left on Friday afternoon with group of high school ASL students to Disneyland. Every road trip has some great stories and this one was no exception. We left on Friday with bus driver Bobby Hitt--an old tyme country singer(check your local casino listings for playing times)--who referred to himself as the 'hitman'. Not exactly the name of a person you want behind the wheel of your transportation. Throughout the trip up, Bobby self-dosed himself some Robitussin for a persistant cough. I think a bus counts as operating heavy machinery (see Robitussin side effect cautions). Bobby is a free soul, which can be mistaken as lazy. He denied us the opportunity to use the commode on the way up...not sure why but probably had something to do with the fact that he is the bus's janitor. Despite Ricky Bobby (our new nickname for the hitman), we made it to Dland safely and proceded for two and a half days on a very faithful 6am-1200am schedule. The kids were great except for a couple trixsy ones, who were, well, trixsy.

The Aladdin show. This was one of our favorite attractions. Rachel and I were confused at the characters in electronic cruisers-like the ones at Walmart-it was a little distracting.

Apparently I am a peasant who is not allowed in the presence of princesses. All I wanted was a couple pictures to show to Kenz with anything Disney princessish. I didn't need to wait an hour with the rest of the four-year-olds and their moms for them to tell me I too can be a princess if I listen to my parents and do my schoolwork. The "gatekeeper" (I got a little annoyed at how in character some of the workers get) absolutely refused to let me take pictures over the Enchanted Forest's hedge, but here is one I snapped as Aurora and Cinderella were leaving for a shift change-only three princesses are out at a time. I think Cinderella thought she was a real princess because she didn't even make eye contact with me, a commoner. I left the Enchanted Forest wanting to have a smackdown with Dland's prettiest.

Rachel and I in line for the new Toy Story ride. Fun, but not worth the wait.

Jedi training. Apparently they only pick little kids for Jedi Training even though I know I was born with the Force. By the end, I had all of the moves down anyways, so I hope they don't miss my skills when the Sith (sp?) attack again.

This pic is for Kenz. She loves "BeeYoons".

The classic Disney pic.
The trip home consisted of Ricky Bobby's songs with the bus travelling at a pace of 25 mph. Something was wrong with the thrust something or other and we had to stop, no go, no stop again, no go again, no stop for maintenance to diagnose and fix the problem. Made for a 10-hour trip home, but a safe return was made.
So now I'm having some sleep deprivation-Disneyland exhaustion backlash and feel as though the Tower of Terror may just have transported me to the Twilight Zone.
Let's hope it's nothing permanent.

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Anonymous said...

I love disney land! I don't love how you have to wait in line to see the princesses...or any other character.