Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buried treasure at AZ beach

This past weekend weekend we spent some time at the beautiful beaches in AZ. Yes, that is water. I think I even saw a couple of dolphins. Maybe not. At one point during our trip to the AZ oasis, Boe disappeared underwater. On the shoreline at the time, I yelled out to a friend who was in deeper waters with Boe to inquire if he had gone looking for "buried treasure". She replied a very honest, "yes". Little did I know how honest this was. A couple of minutes later Boe appeared out of the water, borrowed some children's goggles from a family camped next to us, and disappeared back into the water. Did he really expect to find a pirate ship with undiscovered booty, or even better, an old football? Apparently, luck was on his side...he struck gold. His own gold, that is. You see, smarter beachgoers would be sure to remove their wedding rings before treading unknown and dark waters, but not Boe. Donning pint-sized goggles he swam back to the x-marked spot where the ring was lost and proceeded to make a number of nose-to-lake-bottom dives. I'm still not sure how he managed to locate the ring. Perhaps the spirit of Jack Sparrow guided his hand to that oh-so-valuable treasure, and perhaps Jack also lent him the courage to share his discovery with me.

Monday, June 15, 2009


In preparation for our attendance at Wicked the musical, we have been listening with wreckless faith to the Wicked soundtrack since Kenzie was born. Yesterday she surprised us with some sing-along during "Popular", prefacing her solo with "he coms, he coms, he coms" (trans. "here it comes!!!!!!!!") She's no Mariah Carey, but we were proud.

Aunt Sara made some hairbows the other day, Kenz was kind enough not to rip this one out.

My attempt at a hairbow.

Not the best hiding spot.