Saturday, June 26, 2010


Due Jan 30. Anyone want to hire a new grad who is pregnant? Any takers? Regardless, we are excited (and tired and sick and tired, etc.) for this addition and hope she/he looks like Kenzie (if a girl) but with around 20% of Kenzie's intensity.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This weekend we had some family in town from Idaho and were looking for some fun activities to do while they were here. About 2 blocks from our house is Laie point. The point has about 30 foot cliffs that are perfect for cliff jumping! It was a blast!Shauna jumping the point. No hesitation at all. Funny thing is there were a bunch of locals that were trying to psych themselves into jumping. Shauna walked right past them and jumped! After that the local guys kind of felt like they had to. All except one, he sat on the top and held the rocks down (weak sauce).
Me jumping the point. Notice how clear the water is. That helped because you had to aim for the sand patches to avoid the coral (I'm trying to make it sound dangerous, but there was a big patch of sand and the water was about 15 feet deep where we were jumping).

We also went to see the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor. Here is Kenz on the boat ride out to see the memorial. In the background is the USS Missouri where the truce was signed with Japan ending WWII in the Pacific.

Kenz getting a little geography lesson from a family friend. Jacob was showing her where we are but all she wanted was to to see Arizona.

Kenz at the steps up to the memorial wall at National Cemetary of the Pacific (Punchbowl). We visited the day after Memorial Day. It was pretty humbling to see the names of so many who died in the service of their country.