Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birthday girl-Five!!!

Our sometimes sweet baby girl is five! She is going through a Jessie the Cowgirl phase, hence the boots and other Jessie paraphernalia.
We love her sometimes pleasant demeanor and occasional displays of being a helpful big sister. She loves to draw and always burns through the pink crayons first (if Finn doesn't first chew them to smithereens).
Other mentionables:
She is learning to dance hula, would be at the pool every day if we let her, fav song is Katy Perry's 'Firework', loves Korean-flavored seaweed.
Happy Birthday KK!

Honolulu Zoo

Our trip to the Zoo lady week. My favorites are:
-Finn and the baboon trying to figure each other out
-Finn sneaking through the fence as I take a pic of the giraffes
-Finn using The Force to summon the fish
-KK looking so natural in the cactus she should
-KK flashing the Shaka at the Zoo entrance